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Rajvaidya products have time and again been widely acclaimed and a few samples of what the media has to say are given below

Indian Express
..in the services of the public, this institute is extra cautious about the quality of its drugs.. 

Nav Bharat Times
..Rajvaidya has built up its reputation based on hard work and a commitment to be of service to mankind..

Nature - A Tressure Of Natural And Ayurvedic Herbs
Nature is a wonderful healer. To harness the power of nature in the healing process, we formed our company to provide holistic natural solutions to health problems. 

SINCE 1868
Our roots go back to 1868 - 134 years to be exact - the year our company was founded to manufacture health products based on natural herbs and substances. Till today, only a few companies have the rich experience that have built up over the decades.

Today, we feel proud to state our philosophy of providing natural medicines based on the science of Ayurveda has paid off as more people realize the healing power of such products

Ayurvedic Medicines , Herbal and Natural  Products
to Rajvaidya Shital Prasad & Sons - one of India's oldest and well known ayurvedic manufacturers in health and personal care products.

Product Portfolio 
We manufacture over 250 Ayurvedic products which are spread over the following categories
| Herbal Health Tonics | Digestives | Hair Care Products | Child Care Products |

Well known brands
Some of our brands are well established brands in the Indian market such as
| Hempushpa | Rasayan Vati | Sompan | Dizol | Brahmi Trifla Hair Oil |

Continuous R&D 
We continuously are in the search for new natural compounds in the fight against disease and our centralized R&D's labs are testimony to that.