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Digital Marketing

The Web is undergoing changes at an unprecedented pace and so are markets and businesses. After establishing the project a business must define how it is going to market its web site. Organizations in the past were satisfied with their pretty looking and content rich websites and web pages. However, it was soon understood by companies worldwide that a website was not enough. It needed to be promoted! Websites that were not well promoted eventually turned into just electronic brochures and cost centers delivering no real value. It requires continued promotions, both off and on-line, to build any meaningful traffic to a site.


You need to build a solid foundation for e-business success NOW. There is still time to capture and sustain a competitive advantage online, but now it takes serious cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization to dominate your competition and generate the sales you need. We offer several cost-effective website ranking services, from corporate-level solutions to packages for small businesses who cannot afford to miss out.

Currently, we have been offering the following digital marketing services to our esteemed customers:

Social media marketing services

We promote you on all major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Ecommerce marketing

We enable you to reach more customers for the products on your ecommerce store

Professional SEO services and SEO Marketing

We bring your website to the first page of Google search results

Mobile website design and mobile application development

We create a mobile version of your website. We also develop mobile apps targeting your customers

Mobile marketing solutions

Through SMS and other innovative techniques, we promote your products and services amongst the mobile users

PPC management services

We empower you to get the best returns on your investment on PPC Campaigns

Content writing services

We write your company profile, mailers, brochure etc through professional writers creating a world-class impression for your company

Website maintenance & website audit services

We offer a complete audit/analysis of your website. We also maintain your website.

Social application development

We have the capability to develop apps for social media

Lead generation services for business markets

We generate quality leads regarding your products and services

Online display advertisement

We display banners regarding your products & services on other websites that are visited by your target customers.

Creating digital marketing strategies

To promote your products on internet, we create strategies on the basis of our experience and expertise

Email marketing services

We send promotional emails to your target audience regarding your products and services

Web analytics

We create complete analytical report of your website analyzing the behavior of the visitors of your website so that you can make necessary changes on your website to engage your visitors.

Blog writing services

We create, update and manage blogs regarding your products or services

Rating and review

We write & post positive reviews on your products and services on many other websites creating a better online reputation of your company.


Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines are those search engines that offer the marketing option called PPC to users. PPC is defined as the guaranteed placement of a small text "ad" on the search results page for a specific keyword or keywords in return for a specified payment, but ONLY when a visitor clicks on that ad. The advertiser pays nothing to appear on the results page; they only pay the amount they have agreed to (or bid for) when someone actually clicks/hits on their ad and is taken to their landing page; therefore, the term "pay per click".

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services

Search engine optimization(SEO) is an umbrella term covering a variety of techniques all with the purpose of improving rankings in search results and getting targeted traffic. Digisoft is one of the best SEO companies providing Professional SEO services that include optimizing a website in terms of keywords, content, tags, titles, navigation layout and friendliness to search spiders. On the other hand, there are external activities such as article and content promotions, blogging, PRs, directory submissions, inbound link creation and allied activities. Our team will analyze your website, initiate redesign featuring search engine optimization, promote it online, create content and publish it online, carry out blogging and social media activities and create inbound links all of which help your site feature high on search engine results.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) services

Social media and networks can be broadly compared to a beehive around which buzz millions of bees each with a specific objective, function and cell. Digisoft is a social media marketing company, focussing on multiple social media and networks where all the action takes place. we build and manage your page/profile on social media and post regular updates regarding your products or services. Simultaneously, we try to get more and more likes/followers/fans of your page/profile so that your updates get the maximum reach. This translates to long term exponentially rising flow of targeted traffic to your doorstep.

Email Marketing
Our email marketing services help create trust and confidence, loyalty and keeps you constantly on the prospect's radar. Even if he is not buying today, sometime in the future he may need your product. It is a way of reaching out and keeping in touch with interesting content to take advantage of the moment when a person makes a buy decision, hopefully in your favor with all the positive influence your stream of emails have on him.
We undertake the following activities as part of our Email marketing services:
  • Analyse and research your markets, products and target customers
  • Design effective, striking emails comprised of the right mix of content and graphics that deliver the right message
  • Come up with new and better ways to build a superior brand image that translates to revenues
  • We have team involved in:
  • Delivery of bulk emails
  • Carrying out analytics
  • Compilation of email lists

Mobile Compatible Websites

The importance of remaining accessible and staying in touch from anywhere, anytime, using any device cannot be overstressed and this naturally means being easily available on mobile devices. It is not enough to have a website and internet presence; people must be able to access these through mobile devices. Digisoft's experts also render a mobile website design for a mobile compatible website, while delivering all other services with mobile service accessibility in mind. Digisoft's technical team of web developers and programmers have the requisite skills, technical background and experience in mobile website development to factor in all these variables while coming up with superb mobile website designs.

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