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Payroll Software

Payroll is a method of administering employees’ salaries in an organisation. The process consists calculation of employee salaries & tax deductions, administrating employee benefits and payment of salaries.

Excellent Payroll software has user friendly interface, can be customised as per a business requirements and can be scalable. It will track and maintain all the information of employee recordMain focus of salaries.

Excellent Payroll software is on providing different types of reports either on daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis. It also provide the customised reports as per business requirement.

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Features :
1. Company Wise Payroll Setup :
 Set Company wise PF, ESI, BONUS, GRATUITY setup. 
2. PT (Professional Tax) : Set State and Gender Wise Professional Tax setup. 
3. LWF (Labour Welfare Fund) : Set State and Month wise LWF Employee& Employer Contribution.
4. Attendance Import Date : Set Attendance Import Date Range (e.g. 1 to 24) and Rest Days Present or absent and as per actual Paydays You can give Arrear. Accept Attendance from any Biometric Machine/Mode
5. PF & ESI Configurable Setup : Set PF & ESI Setup as per current rule at user end. 
6. Round the Clock Working : Single shift working hours can mange up to 48 Hrs. 
7. Earning / Deduction Setup : Set 20 Earning/ Deduction Head exclude Basic DA, HRA, Conveyance & Medical.
8. TDS Computation : TDS slab wise and Exemption under 80C, 80D, 80CCG set Allowances under section 10 etc...
9. Voucher Entry : Set Earning & Deduction Head for Post through Voucher/Formula. 10. Employer Contribution : Set Employer Contribution excludes PF & ESI. 
11. Approval Module : Set Approval on Employees Master, Leave, Loan/Advance Arrear, Voucher 10 levels of Performance.
12. Attendance Import : Import Attendance from other source Attendance Software, Payroll, Excel and Pen drive ETC...
13. Salary Processing : One Click Salary Process. 
14. Salary Comparison : Current and Previous Month Salary Comparison. 
15. Expense Reimbursement : Reimbursements Expenses of Tours & Travelling, Food etc... 
16. Arrear : Multiple Arrear Entry in a Month Arrear Mode Manual, Current Rate, Incremented Rate Arrear Days also as per Paydays or Manual.
17. Salary Slip Mail : Send Email with Salary Slip attached employee wise, You can also set Password on Salary Slip. 
18. Formula Setup : Create Formula as per requirement with conditions. 
19. Customise Report : Create Customise Report as per requirement. 
20. Loan & Advance : Loan & Advance Employee & Company wise. 
21. Yearly Database : Software Manage Database Calendar Year or Financial Year Wise so, that your Process has faster than any other model.
22. Letter Printing : Offer Letter, Appointment/Joining Letter, Non Disclosure Agreement, Full & Final, Extension Letter, ID-card, Experience Certificate, Absconding Letter etc...
23. Auto Policy Configuration : Automatic Email for Daily leave, Absent, OT & Manpower Report.
24. OT (Over time) Management : Over Time (OT) with or without Authorisation by Management. 
25. Salary Setup : Monthly, Daily, Hourly and Piece Rate. 
26. Multiple User/ Shifts 
27. Birthday Wishes to Employee 
28. Canteen Management 
29. Leave Management 
30. Increment, Full & Final 
31. Bus Route Management 
32. Payroll Report 
- Master Report (Employee Details, Employee CTC)
- Salary Report (Salary Register, Salary Slip, Salary Summary, 
- Salary Statement(Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque, OT), Monthly CTC
- PF Report 
- ESI Report
- Bonus Report
- Leave Report
- Statutory Report 
- Loan / Advance Report
- Attendance Daily/Monthly Report
- Miss Punch Daily/Monthly Report
- TDS Report 
- Canteen Report
-Earning Report
- Deduction Report 
- Department/ Designation wise Summary Report
- Yearly Report


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