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Web hosting Services

What is Web hosting?
Web hosting is renting out a space on a server which makes your website accessible  to everyone on the internet.  Basically your website files(web pages) are stored on this server. So whenever somebody looks for  the domain name on the internet,  he/she gets directed  to the website. So simply put, web hosting is the act of uploading your website files from your local computer(where they can be accessed only by you) on the world wide web (where It can be accessed by people all over the world)


Why you need web hosting

  • Simply registering a domain name is not enough. Because a domain name is nothing but just a ‘Name’, i.e, an identifier by which your site will be recognized.  To make the website available to the world on the internet,  you need to host your site. Thus, you need a reliable web hosting provider  that will host your site for it to be accessed by everyone. 
  • Customers rely on your website as a means of communication and interaction so it is critical that your site remains up and running.


  • Setting up a full-fledged server at your workplace is any expensive affair. Also it involves many resources & technicalities to manage & run the server.

Digisoft is a web hosting company in India which specializes in providing linux hosting and windows hosting on quality and cheap linux and windows web servers. Our web hosting services: linux hosting and windows hosting are designed to meet your Individual, Business and Corporate web hosting needs. Our web hosting services are hassle-free, risk free, secure & ensure complete customer satisfaction.
As one of the leading web hosting companies in India, our web hosting services and support plans do much more than just ensure your site is available. All of our support plans include HOSTING and make certain that your website is maintained, advertised and optimized online.
Our monthly support plans include web hosting, managed email accounts, website updates, tracking and ongoing marketing. We offer a wide range of plans to meet your business requirements all of which utilize high-performance, reliable Linux, or Windows-based platforms. Our support team will work to keep your website fresh and optimized so your Internet marketing produces the desired results. We have made a name for itself as a web hosting company providing hosting plans that are optimized, affordable and highly customizable.


Why choose Digisoft?

  • We make sure we propose to you the most appropriate hosting plan for your business. Unlike most other web hosting companies,  we do not trick you into buying more than what you actually require.
  • With our web hosting services, you always have a scope to upgrade you plan as and when your website starts receiving a huge amount of traffic.
  • We are a one stop shop when it comes to your web needs. You can do everything from registering your domain name to managing your website yourself.
  • concurrently acts as your domain and web host. ensuring your website works from top to bottom.
  • Our special focus on security aspects ensures that your site is safely stored on the internet, protected from all undesired threats.
  • ensures maximum reliability and functionality of your website so that it is always live and available for viewing.


Our Web Hosting Services & Support Plans include:
• Managed hosting
• Updates to site content
• Visitor tracking
• Telephone & email support
• Dedicated Linux & Windows-based servers


Get in touch with us & enhance the functionality, visibility & performance of your site.  Our  web hosting services are easy & convenient , putting to rest all your web hosting problems.  Along with that, we provide a strong client support system, to  solve issues in the shortest time possible to ensure your site is never down.